Hi, I’m Ian Beck and this is my blog. You can tell it’s mine because my picture is up at the top of every page.

This space has been lying fallow for some time (thanks to kids, development projects, and writing under a pseudonym), but I do still post on occasion. Typically when I have something really important to share.

Beckism.com has been my personal online space since 2002, although its roots go back to 1998. Wow, am I old or what? Were you even born then? I tend to write about whatever I am interested in at the moment, which in the past has ranged from macOS software to app development to fiction to random personal tidbits. Basically, my life is a tangled mess of fiction, opinions, irony, and code. So is Beckism.com. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I currently earn my food-and-shelter money making people happy by developing excellent websites in Python, but my pie-in-the-sky goal is to make a living wage writing fiction.

You can find my most recent coding work, including my latest pet project Ashes.live, on GitHub.