Apple on Amazon

I noticed a surprising and gratifying thing today: in Amazon’s Computer section, the top three sub-categories shown are Desktops, Laptops, and MP3 Players, and every single one of them has an Apple product as the picture (new iMacs, MacBooks, and iPod respectively).

I don’t really have anything acerbic to say about it; more like just a small “Wow.” Apple has of course dominated MP3 players for some time with the iPod, and I’ve occasionally seen an Apple product headlining an Amazon category, but never have I seen it so dominant. The Intel chip and Boot Camp may well have ushered in a new era.

Reassuringly, Windows XP was the pictured item for the Software category. So not all that much has changed.

What was strange about that was that I was tempted to buy it. I’ve had such damned terrible luck installing slipstreamed versions on my sleek new MacBook Pro that you wouldn’t believe. I can only hope that the time that I was in the KWCW production office trying burned CD after burned CD and swearing like a sailor that none of my shouting leeched out the door and made its way on the air. I really would rather not have the FCC come knocking on my door.

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