Computer has been wiped

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At long last, I think that I’ve transferred everything from my old eMac onto my new MacBook Pro. I certainly hope that this is indeed the case, since I am currently sitting here twiddling my thumbs while the eMac is initialized and has the operating system reinstalled. I decided that it was just too much work to uninstall all the random crap that I’ve got on there, and figured I may as well just wipe it all and reinstall the few things that I (or my sister, if I can get the computer across the state) might want.

In other news, Valerie is in town, which is a very happy thing. I helped her and her mom move all of her stuff out of our house yesterday, and then left the two of them to the task of unpacking and organizing. I do not envy them; it was a lot of stuff.

I probably should be doing work right now, but the prospect just isn’t very appealing. Maybe I’ll go play Call of Duty 2; I have to review it for IMG, so it’s almost work, even if it’s kind of play at the same time. I’m running out of other ways to procrastinate (been messing around on and off with a lot of various software applications that I need to get tweaked into making the perfect user experience; finally got a registered version of Path Finder up and running, and there’s a new, somewhat buggy, version for TextSoap that I’ve been fighting with for the past day or so).

Lastly, there’s a possibility that I might be over on the West side of the state this next week (starting Monday). It’s not for sure yet, since I have to get back by the 19th and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do so, but if it does work out and anyone wants to hang out, let me know. I’ll be mostly puttering around Seattle and Covington for half a week each if I’m able to get over there, so I’ll have a pretty open schedule (although not necessarily any access to a car).

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