Nacho Libre

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Well, I had an unexpectedly good day today. I had thought I was going to have to work on websites all day, but instead I got an email from Valerie, who was pining away from boredom at home, and after a couple emails and a phone call she and Vanessa both came to Mom’s house and we went to see Nacho Libre with Jack Black. It was pretty hilarious. Then again, I have a soft spot in my heart for utter losers. What was extra special good was that before that all happened Mom and I went to Borders and I got a couple of books. So today was a day of buying books and seeing Valerie, which is a five-star day in my opinion.

I also did a bit of IMG work, updated the Whitman OP Scrambles page, and mostly got done what was most pressingly needing to be done.

And here I thought today was going to be a fiasco after my terrible showering experience (got in, found out there was no soap; rinsed off, found I’d forgotten to put the shampoo in the shower; rinsed off the hair, got out, dried off, discovered I didn’t have any clothes…grah!). What a pleasant surprise.

Tomorrow I’m off to Seattle with Kristin to participate in whatever crazy Father’s Day shenanigans Dad has dreamt up. A couple of years ago, he decided that the only thing he wanted on Father’s Day was for his children to do something with him without complaining too much, and generally putting a happy face on things.

As long as we don’t end up paddling madly across the Seattle shipping lanes again, I think that it will probably be fun.

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