BeckTalk: back with a vengeance

Well, who’d have thought this would ever happen? Turns out once more has a forum, currently entitled BeckTalk in a nostalgic nod to the past. Will anyone use it? Beats me. But it’s there if you feel the need.

The new forum is based off of a very slimmed-down piece of forum software called Phorum. No flashy graphics with this one; just a simple text-based interface that integrates seamlessly (assuming that I indeed quashed all the bugs) with the template.

Anyone can view the forum, but if you want to post you’ll need to register via the link in the sidebar. User accounts are handled primarily through the WordPress interface, although you’ll have to define your signature (if you want one) through the forum itself.

There are some things that aren’t as user-friendly as other forums (such as no easy way to insert BB code if you don’t know it), but I’m working on the functionality as best I can. Let me know via the contact page or the forum itself if you run into any bugs or things that just don’t make much sense!

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  1. Babenko says:

    Hi, nice site!

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