Paid video downloads on the outs

Peter Cohen over at Playlist published an article about some analysts who predict that iTunes-style video downloads will go the way of the dinosaur when movie studios start to offer web-based subscription content with targeted advertisements instead. The report sounds like a kick in the pants, but for some reason the analysts are charging $775 to read it. If only I’d known I could make money by making ridiculous claims! How am I missing out here?

Anyway, I always wonder what these people are thinking. I’m sure the movie studios will lap it up, since they probably would make a lot more money with advertisement supported subscription distribution, but consumers? Not if they’re smart. For one thing, although the DRM is restrictive to the point of worthlessness, at least with an iTunes purchase you own the movie or TV show, completely advertisement-free.

Perhaps this makes more sense for shows that you’ll want to watch once and then never see again (I recently tried ordering the Daily Show through iTunes for a few months, and quit because they were taking up space and weren’t something I’d ever watch again), but movies? Thanks, but I’ll stick to no advertisements and something I can keep for a while.

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