Paris: over and done

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Whew! After a little over three weeks, I’m at last back in the United States of good ol’ America. To recap (for anyone not aware), my dad had a sabbatical in France (because he is a hard-core Francophile, it seems), and as a graduation gift he brought me over here. Just for kicks, he brought my sisters, too. When we scheduled the trip, I wanted to go home after two weeks, but he pressured me into a month because he didn’t think two weeks would be long enough.

After having me grump around the house for the last two weeks, I suspect he’s regretted this.

In any case, I was in France from the end of May until the end of June, and am at last home. And about time, too. Before coming to France, I was pretty sure that I’m not a tourist. Now I’m certain of it. I really, really dislike wandering around other people’s countries consuming their culture. Especially when I’m surrounded by a language that should never have been written down.

Of course, that isn’t to say that I didn’t had fun. There are some good things about France (the baked goods and their approach to fruit—i.e., lots of it and without loads of sugar—are particularly praiseworthy. Seeing places like Fontaine Bleue was cool, and hot white chocolate at Angelina (near the Louvre) is good enough to die or kill for. But a month was still too long.

Since having me bitch constantly isn’t all that fun, here’s some other good stuff that has happened on the trip:

Going to Scotland (and very briefly, London). Scotland is a really, really cool place. Granted, everyone’s driving on the wrong side of the road, but they’ve got some very fun little castles (the best are the ones that are run-down, where they just let you explore the place on your own and don’t restrict you to the fancy, lord-and-ladies areas). We also got to see my cousin Laurie, who is one of my coolest cousins.

In London we got to see Avenue Q, which is amazing on stage. Just from hearing bits of the soundtrack thanks to Ajay I hadn’t thought I would like it much, but I was dead wrong. What a hilarious show.

Seeing Dad was really nice, too, since I haven’t heard from him much recently. Granted, a month in close quarters was a bit much, but so it goes. Family is there to drive you nuts.

I also enjoyed a number of things in France, but overall it’s just not my country of choice.

In any case, now I’m home and trying to make a living doing freelance web work. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get clients regularly enough to keep myself afloat, but we’ll see. If not, I’m planning on applying to some agencies like the one I worked at in Walla Walla. They always need workers, and I’m sure I could get a good reference.

I’d never really thought it would happen, but I also got a cell phone to help out with the whole being a business thing. It’s very strange having to think about carrying it around with me. I’m having a minor dilemma trying to figure out how to put both it and my keys into pockets (since I can’t very well put them into the same pocket or I’ll scratch up the phone). Life is a trial.

I’m also trying to do some writing, although I haven’t really dived into that yet. I’ve done some writing for the book I always meant to write first, but nothing substantial yet. I’m thinking of re-implementing the daily word requirement for myself. Without a deadline, I think I can set it low enough to be low-stress, and it certainly helped me get my thesis written.

And that, I think, is enough of a monstrous update for now.

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