iPod Touch: cool, but not worth it

Apple just released the newest member to the iPod line: the iPod Touch, and I just gotta say: wow. Expected, but still wow. It’s basically an iPhone without the phone. Very sleek.

Even if I had the loose change, though, I don’t think I’d get one, and here’s why: 16 GB is the biggest model. I’m sorry, but my music library alone is 16 GB (sure I only listen actively to about half of it, but still). Add video on top of that, and I’d fill the thing without bering able to buy a single video over iTunes Wi-Fi.

I wish Apple would stop making expensive gadgets that are almost perfect enough to buy without thinking about it, but not quite. It just means I sit staring longingly at my screen way too often.

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  1. Nest says:

    I just wanna know is the screen is easy to Scratch? that’s my only fear!! you know, you have it in your pocket and maybe you have coins or keys, so, is it risky to scratch?

    is it?

  2. Ian Beck says:

    Sorry, Nest! I don’t own an iPod Touch, so I have no idea how easy it is to scratch. If they ever release one with a nice big hard drive I might consider buying, but for now I’m still using my iPod Nano mainly.

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