Getting your tags into MarsEdit 2.1

I’ll make this short and sweet:

Although MarsEdit 2.1 added tagging, it didn’t include an easy way to migrate in your old tags (it only remembers tags that you’ve added to a post using MarsEdit). There are two workarounds for this:

1) Edit a MarsEdit plist (not too painful, but still not fun)
2) Open up your old posts and select the tags

Seriously, all you have to do to get MarsEdit to remember a tag is to select it. If you have a fairly short list of posts (or quick fingers), this is simple. Make sure that the tag field is turned on for your blog and that it’s the last field before the content in the post window. Then:

  • Hit Enter (to open the selected post)
  • Shift-Tab (to select the tag field, which incidentally selects all of the tags, adding them to MarsEdit’s memory)
  • Command-W (to close the window)
  • Arrow down, Enter (to open the next post)

Rinse and repeat. Repetitive, but if you don’t want to touch a plist it’s probably an acceptable substitute, and once you get the pattern down you can very quickly drill down through a number of posts (one hand for arrows/enter, one hand for shift-tab and command-W). If you’re not impatient, it looks like Daniel Jalkut will be implementing some sort of friendly tag management interface down the road.

Because I’m a drummer and possibly crazy, I put on some music and did it in rhythm. This is more fun than it sounds; kind of like a poor man’s Guitar Hero. Without a guitar. Or any heroics.

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