Scribbles 1.2 rocks like crayons

ScribblesI’m just going to step right up and admit that I love Scribbles. The simplicity of the program and the beauty of its interface make it a joy to use; takes me straight back to my KidPix days, but so much more elegant.

Now Scribbles 1.2 is out and it adds the only two things I was sorely missing: an eyedropper tool (that lets you pick colors from anywhere on screen, not just in Scribbles) and the ability to move, rotate, and scale single layers (instead of only being able to move the whole document). Here’s the best bit: the addition of layer-specific moving/scaling/rotating necessitated the addition of a single tool and a contextual interface element. Hey Adobe, Pixelmator, and even Acorn: are you watching? You could learn something about how necessary all those buttons and menu commands are.

The update also adds the ability to hold down shift to draw straight lines, automatic Sparkle updating, an optional grid, and several welcome interface tweaks (more details in the Scribbles blog). If you haven’t tried Scribbles, you’re missing out on a great little app. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes to occasionally scribble something on-screen.

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