Wolfgang Puck Signature Soup

Wolfgang Puck says 'Have some tasty soup.'I never used to buy Wolfgang Puck canned soup because Wolfgang Puck’s face on the can is seriously creepy. I mean, the dude is worse than some of the Reader’s Digest covers that I had to turn over so I could use the damn bathroom as a kid. Aside from not being the best looking dude ever, he’s got a sort of predatory, “I vant to suck your blood!” look to his eye. Not something I need to see when I’m opening the cupboard craving sustenance.

But last week, Wolfgang Puck was the only canned soup on sale, and I live on canned soup on the weekends when my girlfriend is off at work. Thanks to my father, I hate to buy one brand when another brand is on sale, so I got a few cans to try out.

And damn, this stuff is good! Not only does it taste better than Campbell’s or Progresso, but the serving size is way better for a single person. I can pretty easily eat a whole can of Campbell’s soup on my own, but I always feel just a little too full. Wolfgang Puck’s is the perfect size.

So now I’ve got a cupboard full of Wolfgang Puck soup turned so his face is to the wall. If only they printed the name of the soup on the back of the can in big letters, I’d be set.

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