Jones Cream Soda = sugary death

Jones Cream SodaI hate the fact that A&W now caffeinates their cream soda (caffeine makes me weird), so in my search for alternatives I picked up a 12-pack of Jones Cream Soda at the store the other day.

Unless you are a hummingbird, do not drink this stuff. It’s like drinking syrup (sans the viscosity). My girlfriend, who normally is of the opinion that more sugar equals more fun, ended up pouring most of a can down the sink. I drank a can with lunch, and while I made it all the way through the resulting headache argues I should have followed her example. This stuff is ridiculously sweet.

Perhaps Jones Soda has always been sickeningly sweet (I don’t know if I’ve ever tried it before, and lord knows there’s a market). If so, and you’re not already a fan (or hummingbird), consider yourself warned. As for me, the search for a lower budget cream soda alternative continues. I do love me the Thomas Kemper Cream Soda, but it’s hard to justify the cost for day-to-day consumption (as a side note, their Ginger Ale is also to die for).

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  1. zack edison says:

    try dr. browns, the make the original cream soda, they started making soda in the 1800’s

    they make a great ginger ale as well, and my favorite flavor, cel-ray, a flavor only a few people can enjoy. Its a brand that is mostly in Jewish Deli’s, and the beverage of choice for a corned beef sandwich.

    try it

    mac attack call zack

  2. Ian Beck says:

    I will definitely keep an eye out for Dr. Brown’s, then. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in any of the local grocery stores, but perhaps a more specialized store would carry it; I haven’t been a frequenter of any Jewish delis.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Jesse says:

    I love jones cream soda! Yes it is very sweet. But I love it. My store stopped selling that flavor but they have the other jones. Havn’t been able to buy it for a long time now :(

  4. Jimmy says:

    Jones cream soda isn’t bad, not that it’s like the cream soda of my youth — but quite drinkable. Got some from Winco and Target a while back, Jesse.

    What I’ve been looking for is Jones d’peach mode … The Fred Meyer’s in town used to carry it, but for the last 2+ years nada, no where. Found it online, from Jones, but the shipping cost is prohibitive — almost as much as the product! Anyone know a store in Washington State where I can score a case or two or three?

    P.S. And Zack, thanks for the note on Dr Brown — if I find some I’ll give it a try.

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