OfficeTime on sale today only

OfficeTimeOfficeTime is, quite simply, the best time tracker and invoicing solution I’ve been able to find. Every so often I try the competition in the hopes that it will have covered more of the features that I need (OfficeTime is lacking in a couple minor areas), but the other time trackers never have OfficeTime’s simplicity and flexibility combined with its power.

Unfortunately, whenever I recommend OfficeTime recently people are put off by the price. It started at a modest $25 (when I purchased it), but as the developer has been adding features they’ve been steadily ramping the price up (currently it’s almost twice what I paid). Of course, the increase in price hasn’t mattered for me since they’ve never charged an update fee, but it’s a shame that such a great piece of software has become a much harder sell. However, today June 19, 2008 only OfficeTime is on sale for $25 once more from MacUpdate Promo. If you are a freelancer or otherwise need to track your time during the day accurately and easily, I strongly recommend OfficeTime. It’s ease of use and powerful reports are far superior to any of the other Mac time tracking software I’ve found.

Even if you miss the sale, you might be able to get OfficeTime at a discount since the MacUpdate promo usually runs decreasingly good discounts over several weeks. Try a direct link to OfficeTime on MacUpdate Promo to give it a shot.

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