Jets’n’Guns on sale

Jets’n’Guns is on sale at the MacUpdate Promo for 50% off today July 26, 2008, and if you’ve never played it but enjoy sidescrolling space games, I highly recommend picking up a copy. I’ve said why I love Jets’n’Guns elsewhere, so suffice it to say it’s still one of the best arcade games out there.

MacUpdate often continues their sales past the “expiration date” of the MacUpdate Promo, so here’s a direct link to Jets’n’Guns at MUPRomo if you want to check if there’s still a deal available for it.

The only downside is that this appears to be the original Jets’n’Guns, and not the extended Gold copy. If you want the Gold version, you still save $10 by buying it at MacUpdate Promo and then upgrading at Rake in Grass’s website. A bit disappointing they didn’t just put the Gold version itself on sale, though.

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