StuffIt updates to version 13.0

Ah, StuffIt. The most perplexing rip-off in the recent history of software. I predicted we’d see version 13.0 before 12.0.4. Turns out I was bit conservative; the last 12.0.x update was 12.0.2.

For those who missed my previous hating on StuffIt, I’ll recap: do not buy it, and you probably shouldn’t update if you already own it. It is redundant, outdated, buggy, and a sad excuse for professional software whose company makes money by bumping the version number for every minor update. Back in the day, StuffIt was a must-have tool. Now it is an example of why giving complete control over a product to a marketing team is a terrible idea.

If you need a file compression and archiving solution, do yourself a favor and try something like Springy or BetterZip instead.

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  1. Leo Kuznetsov says:

    With all due respect to Springy or BetterZip you can also check out Zipeg at

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