Minor TEA for Coda update

I’ve posted a minor update to my Textmate Emulation Applescripts for Coda and created an official TEA for Coda landing page since the scripts have been reasonably popular and I’d like people to be able to reach them without digging through blog archives.

The most recent release (2008-09-25) adds Insert BR, a script that inserts a <br /> element at the cursor (warning: will replace any selected text), fixes an annoying cursor position bug for anything that positions the cursor (cursor was previously overshooting by a character), and vastly improves on the behavior of Insert Open/Close Tag by allowing it to intelligently handle self-closing XHTML tags like img and link.

If you’re already using the scripts, you can update by replacing the HTML folder in your Coda scripts folder with the one in the download. Newcomers should follow the installation instructions in the Read Me.

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