Introducing beckbits

If you ask my supervisor, she’ll tell you that I’m the Director of Web Services. This is bullshit, but it sounds professional and presumably the clients love it. So that’s alright.

The truth is, I’m a problem-solver. Every day, I sit down at my computer and I solve people’s problems. Perhaps the problem is that Client A wants a site that they can update themselves. Or maybe my coworker needs me to figure out why the heck their code is breaking in some browsers but not others. And sometimes Client C just has to have a rainbow unicorn spring out of the middle of the page and dance on the user’s mouse cursor in a paroxysm of misused Javascript. The problems change day to day and project to project.

I’ve now been solving problems professionally for over a year and a half, and I’ve found that in the course of solving problems I often discover information and tools online that are extremely useful for web work. Up until now, I haven’t done much with these tidbits aside from occasionally bookmarking them.

No longer! I am pleased to announce beckbits, a collection of links, tips, and other tidbits that I discover during my day job and would like to share with other web problem-solvers. Aside from links to useful resources that I’ve discovered, I may occasionally post software or productivity tips, links to my most recently completed sites, and other minor items that relate to my work as a web professional.


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  1. Bill Cameron says:

    Um, rainbow unicorns are NEVER a misuse of whatever you said.

  2. Sister Number 2 says:

    The term “beckbits” creeps me out

  3. Ian Beck says:

    It was the best I could come up with; don’t think about it too much. Just go with the alliteration.

  4. Carl says:

    I don’t see any option to post comments on beckbits. Do you have plans to try to add that?

  5. Ian Beck says:

    I probably won’t add comments to beckbits; it’s powered by Tumblr, and comments on Tumblr are a bit of a chore to setup (have to use an external service because they aren’t built in).

    Since most of the entries are going to be little more than a link with a short description or comment, hopefully comments won’t be missed.

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