One Crayon redesigned

After working on it for the past couple months, I’m very happy to announce that my freelancing site, One Crayon, has been redesigned from the ground up.

One Crayon now looks several orders of magnitude better than its original design; offers information and documentation for TEA for Espresso, TEA for Coda, and my other projects in a single unified location; and offers numerous other improvements like a news feed for keeping up to date with general One Crayon news and updates to my various software projects.

I’m not actively seeking freelance work thanks to a busy full time schedule, but I’ve been wanting to revitalize One Crayon for a while, not least because I wanted to start migrating some of my sites over to ExpressionEngine and One Crayon seemed like a good place to start.

There are still some rough edges (I’m looking at you, IE 6) and I haven’t added my website or writing portfolios, but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway!

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  1. The new site looks great! Good jorb.

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