TouchNote is now TapNote

Although I hadn’t expected to have an issue with, they evidently didn’t like my use of the word “TouchNote” (despite using it for a completely different purpose on a platform they don’t appear to have any interest in) and rather than ask nicely had their lawyers threaten me with a trademark lawsuit.

Thanks, guys. It’s always a pleasure to interact with people who skip that whole tedious friendly request stage and go straight to threats.

In any case, I don’t have the resources for a legal battle (and would not have used the name in the first place if I thought they’d have a problem with it), so my app is now named TapNote.

The name change is going to take a couple of days to percolate through Palm’s system, but TapNote v1.1 should be in the app catalog probably Friday or Monday, depending on Palm’s turnaround.

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  1. Scott says:

    Hi Ian

    It looks like they are interested in the platform.

    “I’m need a Palm Pre / WebOS developer to start on a juicy contract. Know of anyone? Please send ’em my way.”

    (via @edent of @touchnote)

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