Hohokum, and the final three hidden eyes

My wife has been playing (and loving) Hohokum on our PS4; it’s a wonderfully quirky little game where you are a flying eyeball/snake/rainbow thing trying to find and free your fellow eyeball-snakes. Very unique artwork, some hilariously weird internal logic for some of the levels, and just generally lots of fun. We’d highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys games that aren’t focused on shooting, stabbing, or punching stuff.

One of the reasons she enjoyed the game is that there are eyeballs scattered throughout the levels that open up when you fly over them, and she’s a big fan of optional collectibles that force you to explore. However, having tracked down all but three of the eyeballs, she just about pulled out all of her hair trying to find the remaining ones. Sadly, the internet was completely without help to offer, so for several weeks Hohokum lay collecting virtual dust on the PS4 shelf.

This isn’t a walkthrough, but there are spoilers ahead! If you are having trouble finding the final three eyeballs in Hohokum, here’s your first hint:

They’re located in the original world (full of flying worm-things and pop-able “nuts”), where the one-eyed geezer is chalking down your progress opening eyeballs.

Not enough? Okay, how about this:

You can find the final three eyeballs behind three of the pop-able nuts.

“Arg!” I hear you cry. “But there’s about a million of those dang nuts to pop!” Aside from the fact that you might want to do it anyway (achievements come to those who are anal retentive, after all), don’t you enjoy the thrill of the chase? The sense of personal achievement that comes from digging through the haystack to find those final three needles? (Assuming, of course, that you didn’t give up in the floating logs level…wow was that one ever a pain in the butt.)


Yeah, my wife and I don’t either. Life’s too short. So here you go, the locations of the final three eyes (click for full size images):

Hohokum Eye #1   Hohokum Eye #2   Hohokum Eye #3

Enjoy your time with Hohokum!

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  1. Alyxandrya says:

    Thankyou!!! I’ve just about gone crazy trying to find all the eyes in this game! Really helpful post. I’m wondering if you have any methods to finding eyes on other levels. There’s a couple worlds where I haven’t been able to find all of them (blue floating tree world and the one level that can only be described as poop world) screenshots are extremely helpful!

    • Alyxandrya says:

      Also the elephant boss world. Thanks!

    • Ian Beck says:

      I don’t really have any tips I can share; my wife basically just flew through the world side-to-side and then looped down about half the screen whenever she hit the left or right edge. The floating tree world took her forever, but I do recall that they were all in the foreground, and they looked a lot like branches when closed. Good luck!

      • Alyxandrya says:

        Okay thanks for responding anyways! I will continue to search blindly lol. I only have 6 eyes left. So close…

  2. Vink says:

    Thank you Google but more thanks to this! Also you can get a trophy for making all of the nut planets the same size.

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