Jamendo: rock on

I had never heard of this site until I went to download the newest subatomicglue album, but as of tonight I have been introduced to Jamendo, and it’s an amazing site.

Take a bunch of music, allow people to download it for free (Creative Commons rocks my world), and make it super easy to donate for the albums you end up keeping.

Beyond that, artists can opt into a program that gives them 50% of the advertising revenue generated by their page views (for free), and of the money donated to the artist, only about half a Euro goes to Jamendo.

This is an amazingly cool experiment in free music. Go check it out now. In only about an hour I’ve already found five or six albums that were good enough to download and may end up being good enough to donate for. And don’t be surprised if a couple music reviews show up here; Jamendo allows automatic integration with blogs. How cool is that?

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