So close…

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Perhaps you are wondering why I haven’t updated this page in freaking forever. The reason is simple, and one word long: thesis. Thankfully, the end is in sight: it’s due next Wednesday. This also happens to be a very frightening proposition.

However, the novel is written, so what I am working so feverishly on is mainly small revisions (proofreading the novel, changing a few small things that I’d noticed as I was writing) and hammering out the addendum (which is the real pain in the ass).

In other recent news, I relaunched the Idol Bat (although haven’t been able to update it since spring break thanks to the damn thesis), have formed my own web design company called One Crayon to hopefully make some money after college (website went live at the end of last month; Beckist Productions is officially no more), and gotten addicted to Lego Star Wars II after my sister visited and forced me to buy it in order to play it with her.

And sadly, that’s all I really have time to write. Back to the novel! I will hopefully have time for a more involved update after the thesis is finalized and turned in. I also will hopefully be able to keep up on my LJ friends a little better; I’ve forgotten to check my friend’s page for a few months, but I finally got around to adding you to my RSS reader today, which I check religiously. I’m tired of being disconnected and overworked.

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