NewsFire 1.5

And NewsFire 1.5 is released with…a larger next button.

NewsFire 1.5's flagship feature: a larger next button

Here is my excitement at finally seeing a new version of NewsFire. Here is my excitement comically deflating to the sounds of trumpets going wah wah waaah.

Although there isn’t a link anywhere on NewsFire’s new, information-less website, you can still see the release notes for 1.5 if you know where to look. Given that nothing substantial appears to have been changed, I guess I’ll continue to use NetNewsWire. I used to love NewsFire, but the small annoyances, coupled with the fact that David Watanabe appears to hate his customers, finally forced me to migrate to NetNewsWire.

I have to admit, though, I still kind of miss NewsFire’s all-in-one list of headlines. NetNewsWire is far more difficult to skim through. Ah well. I shall toil on.

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