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Web SnapperWeb Snapper is a fantastic little utility (most recent update released today). Web Snapper does exactly one thing: it takes screenshots of websites. However, it does this one thing extremely well, with multiple export options (including vector PDF), the ability to catch Flash and DHTML in the act (if you use the Safari plugin), and more. I’d never heard of it before, but as coincidence would have it I discovered it the day after I had to go through a bunch of websites for my employer and take screenshots. This entailed a lot of work stitching them together and so forth that would have been completely unnecessary with Web Snapper (which would also have provided better quality screenshots). D’oh!

Although the $15 price tag will probably dissuade casual customers, if you ever need to take a screenshot of a number of websites, Web Snapper is a godsend. I highly recommend it. It’s a particularly powerful tool in the arsenal of the website designer who needs to showcase sites in their portfolio.

The Tasty Apps website is a fun experience in worthless DHTML, too (worth a visit just for that, really). Dragging the price tags is my favorite. I only wish they had dedicated pages for their various apps; the all-in-one thing doesn’t work for me at all.

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  1. Actually Firefox + Abduction add-on will do this for free, and even throw in a bunch of extras. One caveat — no PDF.

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