Coda 1.6 released, minor TEA for Coda update

Coda 1.6 has been released, and boy howdy is it exciting! Coda now includes a plugin architecture, including Cocoa plugins for people who need to be able to manipulate the interface and an easy-to-use plugin creator that will allow you to run plugins using command-line languages (similar to Textmate). This is a fantastic update, and as we start to see plugins being produced I don’t doubt that Coda will become more and more appealing for Textmate users who have been holding out. It’s certainly not as powerful and flexible (no tab stops, for instance), but the addition of user-generated plugins will certainly allow people to do great things.

Along with the update to Coda, I’ve updated the TEA for Coda bundle (find the most recent version on the dedicated TEA for Coda page); all of the scripts will now perform their actions in the active document even if multiple windows are open. Additionally Indent New Line should be significantly improved performance-wise. The scripts do now require Coda 1.6, though; if you’re running an old version of Coda expect buggy behavior.

I am unlikely to improve the TEA for Coda scripts anymore; my new goal will be to get the Textmate bundle items that I know and love into Coda using the plugin interface. This will necessitate learning some Cocoa, though (since some of the key actions require user input), so it may be a little bit of time before I’m able to get a working plugin up and running. In the interim (or until someone else does it), TEA for Coda is still the best way that I know to get Coda to behave like a full-blooded HTML editor.

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