TEA for Coda now Universal Binary

I’ve posted a minor update to my TEA for Coda bundle. This update includes two changes:

  • The HTML Tidy script is now a universal binary! At long last, our PPC friends can run it just as easily as those with newer hardware.
  • The Format with Em and Format with Strong scripts now keep your text highlighted rather than moving the cursor to the end. This is not only more congruent with Textmate’s behavior, but I think it makes better sense, particularly if you ever need to wrap the text in more than one tag (or wish to add a class name, or…).

You can get the update from the dedicated TEA for Coda page. Unless you use PathFinder or have some other way of viewing invisible files, you’ll need to replace the entire HTML directory (if you’ve made changes to the scripts, you should copy them into the new directory before replacing the old one). If you are comfortable with invisible files, then you’ll just need to replace the .lib directory and the Format directory.

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