Writer’s have no taste

Take a moment and go take a look at Writing.com.

Now take some deep breaths and recover from your initial “What the shit?!” reaction.

As best I can tell, this is one of the most popular writer’s critique websites that you can find. Hundreds of people will be online at any one time, posting their writing, reading other’s writing, and just generally using the website.

This is a crime. Why do writers settle for this kind of crap? It’s nothing but advertisements, and even if you “upgrade” your account to get rid of the ads, its still impossible to get anything done because the site’s interface is designed so poorly. There’s simply no excuse. That site should be allowed to die, preferably in agony.

It’s hard to find good sites for writing critique online. Critique Circle is like a breath of fresh air after Writing.com, but it has far fewer people online at any one time (10-20 in my experience). I just don’t get it. Why do writer’s have no taste?

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