Fare thee well, Transmit

The time has come to say farewell to what had previously been my favorite FTP program, Transmit. I started using Transmit because I was sick to death of Fetch, Cyberduck kept failing in the middle of transfers, and hey, thousands of fans can’t be wrong, right?

Of course, if I had been aware of Yummy FTP at the time, I could have saved myself $30. Unfortunately, I only discovered Yummy FTP a few days ago, but I am a solid convert now. Transmit was pretty solid; Yummy FTP is fantastic.

Although I was initially not impressed with Yummy (its interface is rather cluttered and nowhere near as streamlined as Transmit, or even Cyberduck), I tried it out because it was on sale at MacZot and because the feature list was a bit out of this world. So while I didn’t have love at first sight, I definitely had love at first use.

Yummy FTP is the fastest, most powerful FTP program I have ever had the pleasure to use. What it lacks in sparkle it more than makes up for in functionality. Yummy has snapped through beastly transfers that Transmit stumbled and choked on as if they were nothing. It isn’t a program for the FTP newbie; the power that it provides definitely would make the software confusing for a first-timer. But for someone like myself who uses FTP every day and needs a reliable and powerful tool, Yummy FTP is damn near perfect.

Not only that, but the developer is possibly the most responsive I’ve ever met. Before I registered the program I emailed the support email to ask about a couple features, and he replied almost immediately. I don’t think I’ve ever had a developer answer me that quickly, and certainly not in the middle of a sale and for someone who doesn’t even own the software. Then a few emails into the conversation he apologized for being so slow to respond because he was asleep. I hadn’t even asked a question; he was responding to an email that was basically all compliment.

Yes, he’s possibly crazy, but in such a wonderful way.

In any case, Transmit and I will be parting ways (perhaps one of these days I’ll write out a real comparison between the two pieces of software beyond my fan-boy ravings). I’ll leave it installed for a while, but Yummy FTP has stolen my heart. Farewell, Transmit. We had some good times.

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